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told me about a time with male strippers, and i thought you would like to read about it too.hey rt829,It wasn't really a big deal. The party more than 15 yrs ago at a friends house for a coworkers wedding shower. Most of the 20 or so women there were coworkers plus a few other friends of the bride to be. I think I was the only person over 30 there. We had all chipped in for a stripper. Drinks were flowing pretty good and the party was getting loud as women do after a few drinks when the stripper and his friend showed up. Most of the women were feeling the effects of the drinks, including me. The stripper did his provocative dance for the bride, making her embarrassed and causing the rest of us to make a lot remarks and comments wishing we could be enjoying that too.When he finished his dance for the bride, his friend said they would do other things for tips but no intercourse, oral sex or having the males touch the females. I really had no interest so I basically ignored them and talked with friends. Apparently, other women did ask them to do a few thing for tips but I wasn't watching. unknown to me, someone asked them to do a special show for me, getting up close and personal. While I was talking, I felt someone come up behind me and brush against my arm and startled me. I think I was wearing a tank top, so I felt skin on my upper arm and shoulder. I turned around and saw the "friend" in front of me with nothing on but sporting a long black semi hard dick. I looked around embarrassingly and saw that everyone was watching me. he leaned down and whispered in my ear that "my friends" paid for this. He also said, if I didn't want to continue, just say so but if I wanted to, just nod yes. I was a little shocked at first but I feeling pretty uninhibited by then from all the wine. I don't think my "friends" thought I would do anything more than get embarrassed and make him go away.I didn't say no, so he danced in front of me for a few minutes, getting cock closer and closer to my face. He then pulled down the straps of my top and bra over top of my shoulders but not exposing my breasts. By now, I was really getting into it and brought my face closer to him and opened my mouth but he pulled away and kept on swaying his hips in front of me. We were getting a lot of attention from other women and they chanted "suck him" over and over. I really wanted to suck him. He leaned over and whispered to me that I couldn't suck him but I could rub his cock anywhere on my body that I wanted. meanwhile the chanting continued. When he leaned back, I grabbed his cock and started playing with it, flipping it back and forth. The women cheered when I actually touched him. I was really hot now so I lowered my top down, exposing my breasts for him and everyone else to see. I then took his cock and rubbed it all over my breasts and nipples. I remember feeling like I wanted him to fuck me so badly so I pushed my boobs together and let him tittie fuck me. I kept opening my mouth for him hoping we would insert his dick but he never did. After the initial cheer, it became very quiet as everyone was watching his cock slide between my boobs.I eventually grabbed his cock, kept my mouth closed and rubbed his cock all over my face. I remember feeling the pre cum on the side of my face as I had his cock in one hand and his balls in the other. I had my eyes closed but I think someone was taking pictures which I never saw. I kept seeing flashes but I didn't care at that point. I was oblivious to everything until there was a lot of noise coming from another part of the room which kind of ended my little session as the other guy was doing something. the black guy went over to his friend and they played with another woman. I went to the bathroom. I was so wet and aroused that I had to do something. It didn't take very long for me to have a major orgasm. When I came out of the bathroom, everyone was looking at me, then clapped and cheered. my face was flushed and legs were still shaking, so everyone knew what I did in there.Several other women also had a night to remember so I had another glass of wine and stayed at the party until the strippers left. It was fun and a good memory. I haven't thought about that for years... one of those experiences you have and move on.I hope that's enough detail for you. I really don't remember much more.kisses, dee

Some may call it incest

1st a question for you all. I actually began to tell this story once some 4 years ago and was inundated with pissed off people and so deleted what had been started never looking back. It seems however that the mood now is much more open minded. I ask you readers; go or no go. I offer a true story that spans some 35 years and continues to this day. This is a tale of an interesting, if not amazing sexual adventure. A story of step siblings, no blood relation. Is it then, still a story of incest? I must also warn that both were young and in the early stages of puberty. I would like to share our story, I leave it to you. Are you ready?

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"So you how small the place to do» "I asked her curiosity. "Very convenient." She easily answered. "I still would like to not understand how you do in the end, you can give me that the specific point." I asked her to continue. "He is behind me into the." She replied. "That does not distance ah» "I still do not understand a bit. Because the basins of the marble slabs from the opposite wall less than one metre. "I was the Qiaoqi to put one leg above the marble Taiwan." She finally understood the situation said. But she did not know is not deliberately Tuntuntutu, do not want to say it once in the thigh as high as Alice. That "the spirit of cool people every happy event of the phrase" a lot of people, but know that every woman everywhere Sophie climax of the few people I am afraid, of course, this is my own theory is joking, but I said that the flexibility should be a happy mood 6 Pulse to reconcile the soft, flexible temperament, the soft language, legs and knee ligaments also soft, blood pressure will also feel the pulse of the soft, this is indeed the existence of. The three of us lying in bed easy Liaozhuo, respectively, in waiting for the moment to arrive. I would like to thank k, his sincere thanks to my wife bring happiness. K listened to correct me as saying: "We should thank his sister-in-law bring happiness." To be fair, then this should be addressed to each other in each other's happiness at the same time, their has been a happy return. I can also time to time on the k said: "I have always thought that husband and wife, and so we are retired, the remaining task is to walk to travel everywhere, but now travel to the task of the next move a move, happy to enjoy the Into the front of the past. I guess we still have a few years time, if you do not Xianqi us, we can accompany each other a few years. "K agreed. I also added: "After we meet all the costs of our respective commitment to 50%." K listened to a bit embarrassed, he said there should be room to open to the cost. So why should I have to to 50 percent of their respective explained: "Because there are involved in the topic of the crowd inside, there are two kinds of forums that are above, a single man said to be cheaper, so it should be from single men and commitment to the Said the wife is older cheaper, so it should be commitment by the husband and wife, but I think this thing is we both want to do understand the joy of the common cheap, their respective 50 per cent of our rights and obligations are fair and self-esteem. " Time is up, my wife and I have to make good k lying rest, we do not have to walk up the delivery. We gently Guanshangfangmen left. On the road before we came to feel that Hanqi pressing, and just inside the room compared to Nuan Rongrong, as if for a season. This is the time when the December 30, 2007, because the next day, which is the last day of 2007, I'm going to see a Nvwang You. The Nvwang You have personally invited my wife and I play with her there, but my wife did things Zou Bukai, so the next day I went to the one person. Of course, this is after, I have to explain this, or else go all the way described, I will keep the mouth of the tail forget. As the Nvwang You not only face to face repeatedly told me not to meet with her and I write from experience, I still qq on to the post, since records have been cut roughly means: "I see this as their own private Garden, I do not allow you open to the public, in my mental and physical exhaustion when I need to have a small garden of their own, can be tranquil breath of fresh air and enjoy the sun. "Therefore, I will not abide by the promises it into text, Because the timing of the special, we meet in a year of the last day, when they were in a New Year on the first day. Therefore, I believe she and I will remember this day, until life forever. In the hotel on the road near home, I told my wife a proud secret is that yesterday evening and I k alternate work if the number is the same, so each time I work longer than k all. And k is Leidao four times, I was a no Leidao. I asked how his wife felt like: "I was with the young people with the skills Taiwan is not a technical favourably» "his wife replied:" Your great deal of diversity among, but I would like to. " After returning home from a lot of things to be busy, I eat lunch on the bed. This day Wujue fall asleep on, the sound asleep more than two hours before last night not to fill Shuihao the fatigue returned. As my wife and friends Yuehao in advance, so am home eating breakfast out on a bike ride. In the afternoon I worry about my wife up on the outside is not very fatigue, is also a place to fight the slumbered. But until the 20 o'clock number, the wife before returning home on the home turn on the TV to see her favorite soap operas. I quietly asked her: "at a place to rest?» "She also asked me:" Why should rest »" I asked her: "Fatigue?», "She Dengdayanjing Shijin shaking his head at me:" No fatigue. " I asked about the concern and, again her thoughts back to yesterday's joy, her first clear to me that yesterday evening, she is extremely happy. In the past she has always been evasive answer is not positive or not happy. Later I encountered in qq k time, I also asked him after we left the situation. K told me that we go after him on the phone has been sleep at 11:30 the alarm sounded, and then check-out home. After the home to sleep, woke up again is a dark night, and I feel he is a genuine spare no effort. I k almost a full day of sleeping again told his wife when appropriate Tianyoujiacu one point, the men wanted to see her hard work on the response, not only can she not guilty and grateful for the meaning of the blame also the responsibility To the men themselves. Therefore, I intend to, and she joked, she stated categorically that his victims, I said both her objective reasons, but also of her subjective reasons, she also would like to hear a lot of truth to their Bianbai, but I always Cultural Revolution rebels in the entire intellectual approach to cover her, even her body at the moment is unclear Zuidu said. I know that this is her innocence, but I think she would feel wronged This is sweet. Excessive alcohol will be drunk, k the drowsiness should also belong to a drunk, but I do not know what it should be drunk that is more appropriate. Together with his wife from participating in so many activities, recognized by the husband and wife, lover, single men's singles and women. Over the past few years with the understanding qq on the intentions of those exchanges Nvwang You, and I heart-to-heart talk about the deep. I deeply felt in terms of ideology, bound Chinese women enjoy their physical instinct of the rope is long and tough You Cuyou; promote gender equality in this new concept, the actual doing is in the worst of the above. "A man is not a good thing." This appears to condemn the men, it is also too many women like to use the words, it is very unfair for men to speak, this is the most obvious of a double standard. We can think what other than "no one is not the case……" more tolerant, to encourage, where he was certified dead by the public of the » As we count the husband and wife have been transparent, is the participation of the husband and wife together, the real Ireland has more than 10 times the circumstances, the wife of fear or not positive, is determined to recognize their favorite. When she started to recognize me first, to take part in these activities in order to satisfy my curiosity and desire, she themselves in a position of the coerced, "I forced her to eat." Later her body The obvious response is like that, she would also like to posturing of the first that has tried these things can, "eat and no taste." Then later hinted that I would be clever, "has been a long time Did not eat. "And this time the entertainment almost overnight, she finally believe that they can speak the truth of the time is ripe. Under the original intention, I am prepared in accordance with the chronological record after briefly at the k, first why in this field of activities, clarify my point of view. And then continue to record t, y, tw, q, and other activities of the four, I also want to do this several times each characteristics, repeated a surprise for his wife's activities, such as stamp collecting in our collection, like the husband and wife in the life of Post . But I now feel clarify his views more important, a, p, c, d, the only record the number, so ready to stay until after the repeat. We are very familiar with the phrase "as long as no breach of social ethics or standards," then lead to two kinds of views, does not violate First, how can not how, and the other is not how how you can breach. TV inside often have such a debate, with the result that no one who Shuifubuliao. However, it was thought not, or if the social ethics guidelines is in itself wrong? » So I do not think how you can breach of the how, and sometimes even contrary to all right. I can give up many social ethics and norms is the wrong example, as "Prairie hero Little Sisters" in order to storm the protection of sheep, willing to freeze residual people who froze to death. Like Sichuan Meizi in order not to Shishen, reluctantly Maosi Zongshen jumped from the fourth floor. Another example is the recent, on-line report of Zhejiang University opened a Shouzhen of the classes is to the men and women Shoushen Anthurium wedding night. Of course, there are two kinds of diametrically opposite point of view, the first opposition Shou, and the reason is that the second is the support Shou, the use of the obscenity. So I think Shou Shou and not all right, because this is your right. We live in total to buy some big things, like refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, even in the three-circumstances, we have to test the. So the marriage of such a major event in life, at least the arrival of large durable home appliances it » Moreover, the more durable home appliances have a life, it all his life for the few not Xiqi. If our marriage to the wedding night Anthurium when they found out the hardware quality problems, then you are ill choose to use all their lives, or choice-for-» In the end this "I presented her on the road," mineral water "," the article, I said give me messages of support and understanding of friends, say a sincere thank you, because if you let me feel that they are not heterogeneous. But I also think, along the passage of time, people may see a little more progressive, may also post some people will tell a different view, if the truth so that I can learn so that I increase the knowledge, I also express our sincere Thank you, the. We should know that the truth does not allow the environment, that will inevitably lie. As the "Gang of Four" over the years, although they Henzhirugu people, but who would dare not face that half the word » They should also know they are in cheating people, fooling the people. The ordinary people of their Bigongbijing, is in fact deceive them. So then opened the General Assembly, all of them raised their hands support they are false endorsement. So if a couple can not say the truth, then they leave the love is love, life is just Strange Bedfellows. So if people read the article I feel uncomfortable, to say dirty words, I have to ask the people to think clearly, you husband and wife are totally transparent can be said to speak the truth? » If not, then you know that your other half back on what you have done » At the age of your child can think about what has been done, but not talking to you, the young age of your parents can think about what has been done, they are just not talking to you. (End)

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I deliberately seek find her happy, slow down the involvement of the slope, circling the Raodao straight boost to the high degree of dizziness. "We really casually hand how the two individuals can move» "" TU "he said." However, hand and the second is different, you know? »" "Know" he said. "Hand is no time limit, unlike the old Fired on February 1 to the end, you know? »" "Know" he said. "You will think about good, also said no time to now, or wait you say too much, we will not stop." "Will not Too much of. "" Are you talking about, then you wait Taorao, we really do not pay attention to you. "" I will not Taorao the "he said." Daybreak do so, you really do not Taorao? »" " No. "Distortion of the fighting is, I and my wife's a level exchanges, as the throw cigarette butts thrown into the k has been taking the time to the barrels of gasoline, but the remaining gas was still a pilot. K exciting He passed half of the body, so that the face is the location of the point of her face: "Do you really Chide Xiao, also has» "a bit embarrassed his wife answered. "Do you really want? Also» I want to tell you with my voice, as long as you say, 'to' I will immediately give you. "K a really exciting. "I have to, you can?» "Finished his wife also impatient with their hands to check k is not really can. I know that the wife is really, because I have to touch her feet sweat, if she desires can be graded as the weather forecast, then the soles of the feet sweat is the highest level. This is my life and her co-pay attention to long-term observation of the results, I do not know her. I know that the third k is not exercise, but also must live ammunition shooting. I asked his wife: "also need to take a drug?», "She replied:" do not need, just to wash the outside. There is still the drug. "I really do not know that she is went out, or can not wait. All this I am sure that once again the power of language. If we recognized that in the field of "Viagra"独领风骚, then the most appropriate and most Jizhongyaohai infiltrated the soul of the language compared to the "Viagra" can only belong to move itch boots at the far worse. This is always up many beautiful wife do not understand the question, why the President will abandon their own, fascinated by the ugly woman than themselves. Their third round quickly to an end. I look at k provides some background went lavatories, Yin Yin felt he tired. He soon out on that single bed Tangdao enhanced. I slept with my wife and Xiangyong Mimihuhu, heard the snoring k into dreamland. Because I am not accustomed to the strange environment, which I did not sleep a night of the pragmatic, less than 6:00 on the morning of Peter. Although the earlier time, but I do not want to have no Shuiyi Zaishui, I lavatories on a person to Xishu finished. But felt so good Xishu also wake up his wife to return home, as early as the exact time, will also awakened by sleeping in the family. I'll test test the response of his wife, if she is concentrated Shuiyi I do not harass her. She is very obedient I can separate her a leg, when I was in the hands of her smooth skin Fumo time, although she also Shuiyi dim eyes have not opened, but she extended a conditioned reflex of my arm to Wan The waist. We quietly action awakened by the end of the k, I asked k: "Hey, you can have it» "I have the feeling, a man in as early as 45 hours before even done three times, if it is To continue to do so once again, how much is a bit of physical harm. The parties may give themselves a reason, it is only on Course for a rare show. But at the moment I was invited guests to eat the owner, I is not necessarily the guests said: "Huncai eat bad, likely to cause high blood sugar, high blood lipids. So please Enough is enough, enough to eat Qiba Fen is the most comfortable." So I know that does not hold the excessive, but the practice I have to say kind words, because I do not like the role. K is quite agile in to our bed, but far less enthusiasm yesterday, barely persist for a while to return to their bed to a rest. "How do not move» "I sincerely ask the. "Big Brother, I can not." K is also a pragmatic answer. So I said to her: "you wash it out, we Chuanhao clothes to chat, until the 7:50 home." Not thought of, such as his wife into the toilet shortly after the rinse water is Huahuazuoxiang, k also quickly ran into the lavatories of up. To stop the flow of voices and then came the body collision vaguely "Papa" sound. Are they doing the » If not, or that I got it wrong. « I also too lazy to look at, anyway, and so I asked my wife out to know. Not in a few minutes, my wife is the first out. I found my wife laugh even eyebrows in the jump, she erected index finger in his mouth, I do not want to indicate Chusheng asked her. She come to my bed, close to my ear, said: "He also put a bubble." I can only smiled and shook his head and thought: "After all, is the youngest capital thick, really fast recovery." But I am surprised that the toilet environment, Chonglin of less than one square foot, three wall slippery even where no Kit, is the fourth of the air, apparently in Chonglin place can not be done . The outside is a flush toilet, wash your face one of the basins and a small piece of marble slabs. Sitting in the top three things to do » It seems that not. Lying on the ground in front » Do not trip. First, local small and the second is the cold tiles, it is now winter in December, froze to death were still lying on top

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Almost at the same time as the K also discovered the New World, with the excited tone, said: "wow, is the ah, she was biting me, the feeling is very clear about." "Your wife has never been so bitten by you?» " I asked. "Yes, my wife has never been of this." K honest answer to. Now, with networks, there are only a small number of people use that for the exchange of knowledge in this area. We braved the past how much risk, inside the home between husband and wife Touzhao adult point of view a film……. Let me also not enough time to think, k the second time the EU and disarm. such as the aftermath of a little excitement subsided, just as eager to declare what Sidi said: "I have actually not Guoxingshenghuo are basically three months, or 10.1 of the last to go home to visit relatives." We listen to The all laughed, K finished go to the toilet. I k to take a bath when the desire to know his wife Yu Wen is still hot, in Programmers at the same time, the opportunity to ask her in peacetime can not answer the sensitive question: "just uncomfortable?» "" Tu, comfortable. "" Upsurge? »" "Is the climax." "To what extent is comfortable» "described to me the need to answer the question, the wife of the hesitation said:" The time is too short, this person is not how the folder, I am a folder how he came out »" She's asked me if You Suosi. She says, Jipa own words to hear k embarrassed, but also strong Renzhu from their embarrassing to the laughter of the issue, the body may continue to experience the wonderful feeling, really bent on the use of Liandu shame Red. At this moment I and his wife face-to-face with four heads, as the distance up to more than 20 centimeters, I found that the wife's nice look, as if there is a health, youth, joy Hongyun from the thin layer of facial skin lining up infiltration. In fact, my wife is usually the face of the poor, do not have white skin is black, 50 years of contacts and yellowed the air. So is it my eyes illusion » I think that is absolutely not, this phenomenon should use the natural world of animals to interpret the law, there may be better understood. In animals inside the world of television programmes, commentaries can be above board, said: "After mating the female animal feathers, will become a more shiny." However, such as claiming to be the highest of the animals, only to hide in a corner of fear that : "In fact, life is a woman of the best cosmetics." I really do not know is sad, but also irony. K and I have to eat instant noodles bubble, the wife has to wash a shower, the lights on the dark Commissioner prepared to sleep. Xiangyong and their two sleeping in a large bed, I slept in a bed next to the small. But Guoliaohaojiu no one fell asleep, I am one of you a far apart the Liaoqi days have come. I asked my wife hungry stomach? » Because the time has come to 12:00 midnight, his wife said a bit hungry, I have to eat instant noodles for her bubble. I used foam noodle-secondary hot water, the first link on the condiment counter; 56 minutes with boiling water, then water Discard Add seasoning second bubble. This can be through the foam, can also face inside the filter out preservatives. Instant noodles, and so his wife eat well, I will lie down on her left side, k in her right side. We also re-clearance of the dark lights, indoor lavatories on the peeked inside by disclosed to the light, barely inside the room can see each other face. We have the quilt cover, I feel a bit of the flavor of childhood hide and seek, the excitement of a Different. I mentioned to her one after another embarrassing problem, with the sharp three people are not honest with the hands. I feel that she is also immersed in hot Yu Wen, just like all the electricity is only the long irons, to temporarily disconnect the power supply, dark environment at the moment and my fans conditions of discourse, as re-close the gate . A woman born to be shy, so that she can do with the surface of silence resist, but the body re-proliferation, a confession to her. We did not let each other have their hands empty, I asked her: "like to hand it», "she answered by nodding his head instead. "Then like hand how dynamic» "I asked. "Casual." Her voice is light as mosquitoes, spit the words. Is planning to Nieru, decisive battle in the depths of the soul. I clearly captured her heart, as the magma as the rolling heat.

Wife of the enjoyment of the night(2)

We estimate that almost a time, go to the help desk account statements, and then slowly to that familiar with the hotel going. However, such as a long time for a long time before receiving the phone k, twice the usual time is also long, and so on into the room we found waiting for a long time because the original k went to other places to buy three boxes of "Kangshifu" cooked bubble Face, he's working overtime at night snacks are ready. K is the first one I encountered, in a chat when asked us to the best of friends in a hotel overnight. I started really do not understand why we must stay overnight, in my knowledge, no one, especially the men can not work overnight. However, she understood k am also would like to have one. I think this is a normal request, I promised him at that time on, I just do not like their morning work. As to the also experienced many times, all on the change of a normal and natural. My wife went to a bath, his wife to stay in the cloak of lavatories on the bed next to get on, may have less than 10 minutes, Huahua of water-the sound has been some time, I must also immediately get together k Washing. He still has some hesitation with the humility I said: "The first big brother or go." I said: "Ah District, we are husband and wife, usually called her a bath I went to vigorous back, I have too lazy to go." Listen to me K say so on into the Tuoleyifu. I said, "too lazy to" is the truth, do not know how many times, I chat with netizens qq and the energy of the time, I have to bathe his wife in the back with her Qubang Luffa tendons rubbing that I can Equipment not heard not heard on the equipment, if she repeatedly told, I in order to meet her, it三下五除二of rubbing her hands rubbing it bends over the local pay less than perfunctory. So I really admire the first say: "holding his wife's hand as the left hand gripping his right hand." That the smart people call a spade a spade, visual fatigue does exist, just do not recognize the hypocrisy. I do not believe that married couples have a quarter of a century, the heart of the other side will see each other Kuangtiao. My wife out first, was on Guzhe a towel, I smiled and North Korea made the Guilian, immediately get through the middle of a relatively larger bed, and so k Tangdao also washed out a good bed, my last one To take a bath. I wash, and so good vigorous dry out, they also quilts cover above the good, there is estimated in the former theater. When I drilling quilts inside, I feel that an interesting phenomenon, I seem to have become the masters of the guests to eat, I do not Dongkuai guests are embarrassed the first Dongkuai. I Xiandiao quilts, I quietly next to his wife's ears: "You ask him to come first." Wife to the very Shunshou pulling him. K said: "The first or your big brother, I have to wear the sleeve." I said: "My wife is not the measure, today it is a dangerous period, if you do not Daitao not on the radio inside, if you do not control I first put on a good medicine, because drugs can not put a mouth with. "K answer I said:" I still wear the good, can be extended time. "K in preparation for the time, I used the simplest" Dance steps "and his wife warm-up, and guide her into the state. Niu Zhuantou wife not to aim at the k, Hanxiu Chan in the eyes of Bilu. In fact, I have been watching the k state. When I asked the third k: "You can be the right» "the time, k replied:" do. "I got up-for-k continue to work. I feel k relatively simple method of operation, a bit like running a marathon start on the sprint. I was reminded k: "You have to slow down, to be assigned a good physical strength, she is tired of the guitar takes time, as the need to boil soup bones is Wenhuo and time, if by a few minutes on the Menghuo is of no use." Down the middle I want him to take a break from my wife to continue heating. When I succeed k second time, I was told that his action relief, thinking that such a fuel consumption of runs several kilometers » I said: "You can feel that the slow down of her contract, I would like to enjoy the subtle feeling of interaction." K but still insists the wild, so I estimate the time being, he can not understand. K do not have much time the first over, when he took things going out when I asked his wife: "You see him the things that pouch?» "His wife nodded in to see. I do not know a woman to see how this scenario is thought, I can only enough men to feel the same dollar, that is to see women in their cooperation by the upsurge, and the climax is not their own estimates of the men, a woman is physically The response of Canadian women personally say dual recognition. Well, this double confirmed that the men, compared with a sense of achievement if suspected of exaggerating too much, then use their labor achievements have been recognized as a minimum, there should be the heart of men's pleasure. Of course, men do not need to double confirm the woman, because men with the physical evidence. I asked my wife saw it » This is the reason, I let her physical and psychological equally happy. K Chanmian watching us, I asked him: "you can also continue to« "He said:" Yes but needs some time to restore. "I quietly told his wife:" You click to help him, so he resumed the time Many will soon. "Wife Xinlingshenhui initiative Quwen k, I asked k:" you are willing to kiss her right? "K replied:" willing to. "Finish k put glasses pick Fushou a kiss from the wife. I said that the second you do not have to Daitao, or I point to her drug use, my wife placed to one of the "Friends of the wife" after. I again watch on the bedside Guishang time to master, at the moment is more than 22:00. When a brochure on the pill to melt the stipulated time, or I will start from moderate to nearly Shilaifenzhong, I will moderate The aim is to allow the pills to be fully effective. If the pills do not melt too early, then the folder with the pill also repeated a massive impact, women's delicate internal structure broke very easily, if not a few minutes of moderate transition, the melting of the pill may also be concentrated in one place , Tu not to be painted the place, thus affecting the effectiveness of contraception. Into the room to now nearly two hours, his wife tired because of the time the guitar has also entered the best state, k into the near future, say: "No Daitao direct contact with the impression that not the same, a very uncomfortable indeed." In fact k not say that I know he's feeling, because his wife outside the physical characteristics of reaction, the most obvious waves show, and her breathing change and rapid breathing, the most notable is the upward held high the feet Pin means, a bit like being wronged, framed to strike, it could not also stuck to the people, will only extend trembling and stiffness of the fingers point to the other side of the same excitement, her feet in the foot that has been shoring Jiaogong to the limit.

Wife of the enjoyment of the night(1)

I considered for a long time, finally decided to join his wife and recently experienced, the real happy journey down the method used for pictures saved to the future. "Pictorial" It should be a title shot, but the shooting is not necessarily "pictorial." I personally think that the "articles" tend to compare records of the United States, to keep the United States, showing the United States, and the tendency to take on almost crude, the Pan-point, including all manufacturers have to rely on a film shooting. I have already explained that, I described below in their own distinct tendency In deciding to write the time, admitted to the article what kind of a name, so I really costs a little brain. I, of course, not to look good, I was to write up easy, smooth, Shichuyouming other problems can be easily handled by. I have thought about using vernacular said "we have experienced three of the four p" Popular feeling, however, also thought "I find her to the four King Kong" would feel rough. So now used the name "I presented her on the road," mineral water "" Although feeling is not very appropriate, but the total from the past a number of centres. Water is the source of life, our lives can not be separated from the water. I have memories of the experience of making friends, including spouses and friends and to accept the so-called single men and three p, I have to describe the water. Dating couples as water, sanitation, cleaning, security is one aspect, but there were a chlorine bleaching powder is also a fact that the flavor, taste middle. I was on my own age said, not to say that we found and we almost couples age, or older than we are also teenage couples, younger than my 20-year-old is the husband and wife, were present inside the Fuji Qiangnuzhimo has. But there are also the wife of the basic desire of the highest peak in the operation, not even one drop almost there's no turning point, that is, I use the analogy of the reasons for doing tap water. Single men and the type is the largest, more like all the water. Good as mineral water pure, mellow, rich in minerals, as the advertisements do Springs: "recollection of it a little sweet." This was followed by a like pure water, filtering water, the Yangtze River water, river and lake water. Another poor can not direct consumption, which I do not say that the sewage. In this regard and make friends, it should be said that was a totally new thing, there is no rules. Life and common sense tells us that no fragmentation radius of the rules, this is not a contradiction? » The answer is no, only because there is no ready-made uniform rules, so every one would like to contact it, have to find some self-righteous nature of the rule to use, which can be seen from the use of precisely the essence of the original. I repeat the specific points, behind this article, repeat not explained. If there are rules, a group of 56 people with assault rifles, you will be difficult to distinguish Zhangsanlisi have different characteristics and what. Now well as the ancient battlefield, it was re-speaking guy, it is of winning, some with light weapons, skill certainly smart, some with Anqi, they should pay more to beware. Although are hiding behind the screen, but the language is different exchanges, has given me too much of the information used to identify and enough of. K is described to me in the first, I was his last name the first word of the alphabet from the k. Because we have a forum there, but I Ming Chu has been in the post, he long-term diving in the dark, so he should understand our situation a lot. After a period of time and k exchange of text, we decided to find a place to meet, the meeting place, the way I have in front of a detailed account of the articles inside. Therefore, or to drink tea together, not to drink the tea after finalizing what to do, so both sides are free. The only difference is that my wife and I are familiar with the first teahouse, our own first counter; a pot of tea, elegant Whisper quiet environment to talk about, make fun of make fun of the way somewhat shy wife. Because in the past, and so are others to the teahouse, Zaida inside my home phone to inform me, but this time I have bought a phone, making friends the first time the use of mobile communications. K, such as the arrival of a point of time there, I introduced my wife, from the text chat to get the basic outline of k. K35-year-old married with one child, is a large state-owned enterprises in Shanghai, engineers, separated spouses to two. His wife work with children in countries of origin living together. K graduated from Shanghai's a well-known University, a master's degree, because I have children to fill a voluntary college entrance examination, so I know the university directly under the Ministry of Education is the key. According to the k in his age when the college entrance examination has not increased enrollment, but also to field candidates into the Shanghai University, Shanghai scores than the high number of local students, such a projection on the forward k know before reading is good. At least in high school and university in the stage of tension in the study spent, not loitering in the community Hunhun. My wife asked me: "Then why did he not his wife received in Shanghai to live together" » I replied: "Price is the relationship between the universities to study section has been no small age, leave school immediately to find a job, get married to raise children, said how much money you can afford a house" » I feel that this topic is not the most appropriate direction, on another topic on his wife: "You are a remarkable." Listen to my wife that I do not understand the meaning to stare at me, I said: "You are now pay a scholarship The men, high school educated men have the Kanbu Shang. "I know that she would like to laugh just Qiangren the embarrassed laugh. I will continue to amuse She said: "In fact the students do not worth (I am referring to the Zhencaishixue) and the unchecked spread of another, as Cai Chang inside artificial cultivation of soft-shelled turtles. Basically no nutritional value, taste, but far more Local tastes from Tokyo vegetables. But the past is the impotence of the soft-shelled turtles, the new marriage of the men must eat…… "She finally could not help but we must ask with a smile, she married and I have the time to steal soft-shelled turtles, lonely wait While on the past. The phone rang, K has come to the door of Teahouse, because we do not have video and I called Wang Limian he has been taking, and take in the end we can see. I am in the choice of location when taking into account the k to find our convenience. My wife and I are sitting side by side facing the high-back chair, so a k we determine that there is, I will give a hand to set an initial k fought invited. Teahouse of the waitresses in almost Nien k behind the buttocks, with the over immediately. I To save time on the attendant said: "The increase on a cup, not what other." Otherwise, she would take to have a tea on the spectrum. K than we Yuehao time to half an hour later, he said that the road is very blocked. I have observed his appearance and I almost unimaginable, Yi Miqi not make it a little fat is not tall thin, wearing glasses is a gentle way of reading people. I casually asked a number of aspects of the work, what he could to ease the tension. He introduced himself in some of the time, I hit his right arm in a collision with his wife, the neutral tone: "Do you think that you can also» "a moment when the wife of blush, a finger in my legs designated a zoned, meaning that can The. k on the point that said: "In fact, people have a normal physiological needs, your wife is not around, you need to solve your problem, we would like to the husband and wife understand that my wife would like to try to young people's taste, Chairman Mao in a borrowed "the people" inside the case, we are all from Wuhusihai, for a common goal of the revolution has come together. Of course our goal is not revolution, is purely for pleasure. "K listened to understand that I added: "But my wife, after all, than you a lot of big, if you can accept that, you go to open a room, otherwise we will continue to drink tea chat." K asked me a hotel near here? » I如此这般details on, k get up to leave gone, my wife and I continued drinking is a strong flavor of the new Longjing tea, and so k tell us the number of telephone room sounded.